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Potential Problems In A Cancer & Cancer Relationship

Potential Problems In A Cancer & Cancer Relationship

Not only do two Cancer zodiac signs make a good sexual and emotional match, communication is also pretty easy between the two. According to professional astrologer Frederic Hoffmann, Cancer and Cancer communicate well because they’re naturally kind, sensitive, caring, and compassionate, which will help them solve small problems quickly. “Their deep intuition and mothering personalities can also help them communicate without going into more significant conflicts,” Hoffman says.

These two won’t shy away from showing affection or sharing their deeper feelings, which will make them feel secure in the relationship. Since they’re both sensitive and emotional, they’ll be understanding when the other is in a mood dating Maturequality singles.

The only thing that could become a problem is Cancer’s passive-aggressiveness. As astrologer Kyle Thomas previously told Bustle, Cancers can be very defensive. “When threatened or upset, they retreat to their shell rather than facing a conflict head-on,” he said. “Like a crab, Cancers approach confrontation from the side.” Cancers can hold a grudge forever: If one partner isn’t willing to step up, apologize, or start a conversation about what’s wrong, these two can be in an argument that lasts a good while.

Cancer & Cancer’s Dating Compatibility

Cancer and Cancer compatibility in terms of dating is “definitely a mood,” says Stina Garbis, professional astrologer and psychic. “These signs, ruled by the moon, change their mood every other day, so this relationship may be varied and a little rocky at times,” she says. “However, this duo is no stranger to experiencing the ups and downs of life. So they may be willing to weather many storms together.”

Since they are the same zodiac sign, there’s a natural pull towards each other. According to Garbis, it could go either way when they first meet. Some couples may feel like they’ve finally found their other half, while some couples will instantly dislike each other without knowing exactly why. That’s what tends to happen when you’re dating someone with the same zodiac sign. “If anything, this couple is a mirror image of each other, reflecting both the good and the bad,” Garbis says.

Once they decide they want to be together, they’re in it for life – and will do anything to make their relationship work.

Cancer & Cancer’s Friendship Compatibility

Cancers love taking care of their friends, so these two will always make sure the other is doing OK. You can find them catching up on a Friday night over a bottle of wine at one of their homes, while the rest of their friends are out and about. Since they share the same sign, Garbis says they’re pretty intuitive and just seem to know know what the other is thinking. They’re very loyal, caring, and will always have each other’s back no matter what.

Although these two will be naturally drawn towards each other, they’ll form a bond through their shared dislike of certain things or people. “It e room with two Cancer friends, as they’re likely complaining or gossiping about one thing or the other,” Garbis says. “They both are strong communicators and will definitely let their feelings be known.” Cancers are on the pessimistic side and may need a third party to come in and help them see they don’t have to complain about every little thing.

While these two will be understanding around each other’s behaviors, moodiness is one of the biggest issues in a Cancer-Cancer relationship. If one partner is being extra crabby, it can easily bring the other down. “A lot of their time (and libido) could be exhausted by their intense mood swings, especially if they’re out of sync with each other,” Semos says.