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How To Uninstall Default Apps From Windows 10 Using Powershell

While it’s a rather easy method, it offers no flexibility in terms of editing, and you can only take full screenshots. Let’s not forget anyone who’s not using a PC or laptop. If you are a Microsoft Surface Device user, all you have to do is press the Windows logo button and the volume down […]

Ways To Check Ram Type With Powershell On Windows

The new operating system started rolling out as an upgrade to PCs on October 4, 2021. Before taking the plunge to upgrade, you should first determine whether your PC can run Windows 11. The rollout will last through mid-2022, according to Microsoft, as the myriad PC hardware and software configurations are validated for compatibility. Docking […]

Wsl 2

This option will allow us to deactivate, for a short period of time, the antivirus protection. However, as indicated in its description, after a few minutes it will automatically activate again to continue protecting us. Some advanced antivirus apps like Kaspersky come with additional features that traditional antivirus apps like Defender lack. Kaspersky comes with […]

The Ultimate Fallout 3 Crash Guide on Windows 10

Hex Code, also known as Hexadecimal Numerals, is widely used by computer system designers as they provide human-friendly representations of binary-coded values. Along with Assembly Programming, programmers need to learn Hex Code as well as they will need to manipulate this code in order to bypass activation. Even though it is not recommended dgsetup_dll to […]

How To Make A Print Screen, Screenshot Or Snapshot In Windows 10 Or 11

Executes the loop for the specified amount of time. DO can be used to create several different kinds of loops. The number of times the current DO loop has been executed. One or more commands to execute each time through the loop. If you use multiple commands, they must be separated by command separators or […]

Ten Operating Systems That Are Way Better Than Windows 10

To start with, connect a well-formatted USB drive to your system. There are various ways of installing Windows 10, but the most straightforward and fastest way is with the help of a windows 10 media creation tool download. @Winterlord I would say no, unless you really need that drive space. Superfetch, or Service Host Superfetch, […]

Quickfontcache dll Download and Fix missing quickfontcache.dll error

Make sure no other application is using it and try again. I even have gross beat and Vocodex macroed up and everything since they have relatively few parameters. If it were just the grouping and track switching I could live with it. But Edison barely works in any non-FL DAW and Gross Beat plays back […]

How To Download & Install Windows 10 For Free Legally

It’s blocking all updates of everything and half of my apps won’t open. Rachel Ho is a privacy and technology consultant with an interest in data protection and public policy. In her spare time, she can be found watching movies and pretending to be a coffee connoisseur. Webroot’s mobile app includes an antivirus and a […]