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For many who wish to over Zen’s Everyday Story and determine An effective Finish you need to find the answers that a bold

For many who wish to over Zen’s Everyday Story and determine An effective Finish you need to find the answers that a bold

Is a superstar

We understood he could be be perfect since my kid.(*Zen) Allow me to see his performances live one day. (Zen + Jaehee)

I do believe you proper care excess on the Zen. (*Zen + Jaheee Split) I hope everything you happens well to possess Zen. I am totally support your. (Jaehee + Zen)

Learn out-of sales

Thus, a burger is finished when the lettuce, meat, and sauce come together and dance. (707) I have no idea what you’re amino saying. (<<)

Should not Zen attract much more about works whether or not? (*Zen) He is handsome, however, he could be actually fit… Thus unbelievable. (Zen + Alt Solutions)

Good-looking me personally

You have natural talent and amazing looks… and plus you try hard. You’ll succeed for sure. (<<) So what if you're good looking? You don't even have a girlfriend.

I do believe the guy merely meant you need to avoid bragging. (*Zen) Have you been very coming here tend to to speak with myself? (Zen)

Worth of beauty

In my opinion Zen is the greatest actor. They are good looking and then he even performs hard. (Zen) Zen is a little… extreme. (*Jumin) I think Zen is indeed good-looking. He should be from various other entire world. (Zen)

I do not really think he is one to good looking. (Zen) There’s absolutely no doubt in regards to the undeniable fact that their looks lead to jealousy. (Zen) I’m worried anybody else might want Zen for themselves.(*Zen)

Still, Everyone loves visual appearance. Whether or not that’s not that which you. (Zen) In my opinion money is more valuable than just charm. (*Jumin + Zen)

Jumin, you don’t including people? (*Yoosung) Anyways, Zen is better externally and on the interior. Thus actually the guy prime? (Zen)

I do not think Zen are foolish at all! (Zen) I do not love individuals who show-off often. (*Jumin) Zen’s not only glamorous on the outside, thus i you should never care and attention. (Zen)

Don’t you have to go to work now? (<<) I'd like to see more photos of you, Jumin… (*Jumin + Alt Selection)

Had this new character!

You aren’t planning to flaunt once again, are you currently? (Zen + Alt Solutions dos) You become a talking to myself, best? ^^ (*. ) As to why, performed something an excellent happens?! (Zen)

…I am concerned she could strike on you. (*Zen) I am some time envious but I’m hoping everything goes well to possess you! (Zen)

Of course! Best wishes! (Zen) You’re able to work that have a high profile now… You will not value me any further. (*Zen)

Echo woman? OMG

I feel like you’re making a big fuss… I won’t be happy with just an autograph. I want his everything! >.< (*Zen) I should get his autograph too ^^ (Zen)

Jumin’s give

Not thought it’s an awful idea to possess Zen to accomplish a play with an artist…? (*Zen + Jumin) Do you learn about Zen’s the new role? Compliment your

Zen’s autograph was invaluable… ^^ (Zen) In my opinion everybody’s and come up with an excessive amount of a publicity. (*Zen) Are Echo Lady you to definitely popular? Zen must be good… (Zen)

. I am concerned Reflect Woman can get thinking to have Zen. (*Zen) Are you willing to thought she will let Zen get more famous? (Zen)

In my opinion Jumin may be severe into the Zen. (Zen) I think Jaehee was striking on the Zen excessively…;; (*)

You have all of our Zen market something which he would for example…;; A cat dinner commercial? (*Zen) I do believe that’s best. The guy should capture every options the guy becomes. Really don’t imagine Zen will love one… (Zen)

Your apparently enjoy kitties, Eight. (707) Maybe for those who decorate given that Jaehee, they will let you into the? (707) You need to extremely enjoy the pet, Jumin.


Zen, I’m here. The new pet dining commercial… Are you currently usually to do it? (*Zen) What’s going on which have Jaehee!? (Zen)

Very very very bad out of him so you’re able to wreak havoc on your!! (Zen) I believe it’s good tip. Why don’t you consider this. You need to just take all opportunity you get. (*Zen) Usually do not bring it thus adversely

Attempt to stop your, Jaehee lolol (Zen) When it is towards the organization however assume there’s nothing your perform. (*Zen + Jumin)

I believe Zen does not want for the task for personal causes. (Zen) He could be an expert, thus he would said sure in the event the he might. (*Zen)

I don’t consider it issues which Zen acts that have as long since they’re talented. (Zen) I don’t think it’s best possibly. Creating Jumin’s commercial is a lot more helpful. (*Zen)

I’m just undertaking everything i feel like. Thank you for delivering it this way. (*Zen) Jaehee, it looks since if you may be jealous. (Zen)

Many thanks for worrying all about Zen, Jaehee. But we’ll handle it to your our own. (Zen+Jaehee) Really don’t consider your trust in me, Jaehee. (*Zen)

I will include the nation

Choices step 1 I want to slip a look Zen exercise. (Zen) I really don’t envision Jaehee enjoys me personally. Hiya, Yoosung. (*Yoosung)

I’m sure you both try really hard but the result…. (Yoosung) Why don’t you try something more constructive than playing games? haha (<<)

That would be true to have Zen, however, I don’t getting things. (*Zen) I adore you to definitely Zen is actually sweet if you ask me ^^ (Zen)

Jaehee’s only becoming jealous from me. (Zen) I believe Jaehee should be cautious off me since she’s his lover. I understand she setting no harm. (Zen)

Zen against Jumin

Zen… you like to take in? Why not is actually taking smaller for your body? (*Zen) Everything is forgiven when you have apperance, it doesn’t matter. lol (Zen) Really don’t like you to definitely images.

I do not consider Zen is very elite. (*Zen + Jumin) If Zen states the guy cannot adore it, the guy cannot like it

You are correct, but why-not envision his allergic reaction a tad bit more? ^^ (Zen) I don’t believe Zen keeps anything to beat because of the perhaps not getting your chance, Jumin. (Zen) I do believe Zen’s ego is a huge disease. (*Zen)

Jumin… you happen to be very convinced lol Isn’t that the fresh thoughts you should get if you wish to throw a great star? (Zen) I think Zen doesn’t need to be working having an attitude this way. (*Zen+Jumin)

I am on the side off pets

Jumin and you will Zen… Isn’t really there anyhow so they are able get along? (Zen) I believe Zen is being some time mental (*Zen) Who may have front do you ever take? I’m sure you are into Zen’s side of movement. (Zen)

Following basically you are on Jumin’s front! lolol (*Zen) I’m style of tired of speaking of kittens… Cannot you feel cheering getting Zen? (Zen)

Really don’t like that Jumin have fooling which have Zen He could be sensitive… (Zen) Zen’s a party pooper therefore i doubt it. (*Zen)